Seller Side FAQ

How do I determine what my business is worth?

The analysis of you existing business from a financial standpoint and current and recent past performance will assist with pricing your business, but the Market will make the final determination of the value of your business.

What will it cost me to sell my business?

There are no up front costs for selling your business, we will analyze your company and discuss the sales process with you at no obligation.  Upon us selling your business for you, we traditionally receive a payment for our services at the closing.

What information will be needed to help evaluate my business?

Having good business records is key to properly evaluating your business.  What will be needed is Accurate Financial Statements, all receipts or records that will prove income and expenses, and current tax returns.

Buyer Side FAQ

What will the process of buying a business cost me?

Crossroads Business Consultants typically gets paid by the seller when the sale is final.  You may have other costs which could include legal and accounting fees and any other additional start up costs that may occur.

How will I know that the financial information is accurate and the sellers claims on the business are correct?

As the buyer, it is highly recommended that you go through a due diligence process.  The seller will be required to share all documents necessary to verify his numbers.

Do I need the all necessary funds to buy the business?

Although the purchase price may not change, the seller at times will provide seller financing.  Banks are also available for additional lending through various funding products.